Amplicon Can Solve Your Toughest Debt Recovery Challenges by Servicing Your Customers as Either First-Party Collections or Third-Party Collections.

First Party Collections

As a first-party provider we are truly an extension of your back office. This allows us to help streamline your office processes and keep more of your outstanding annual revenue in house. We speak to customers on behalf of your company. When doing so, this allows customers to stay happy in which case it will uphold the credibility and brand of the company.

Third Party Collections

When it comes time to intervene on past due accounts that are not receiving responses to a traditional collection approach, Amplicon can service the accounts as a full service third-party agency. This will help increase chances of recovery as our goal is to not leave any money on the table for our client.

Legal Claims Processing

Our team is required to uphold regulatory and compliance practices while recovering all debt. When we come across a difficult or high balance account we have the ability to leverage an attorney litigation strategy to intervene on debt that was never expected to be seen again.

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We specialize across multiple industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Credit Cards
  • Financial Institutions
  • Commercial B2B
  • Government