Types of Services Provided by a Medical Recovery Collection Agency

If you are owed a substantial medical debt, you might be wondering whether it is worth it to use the services of a medical recovery collection agency. The truth is that agencies which specialize in medical recovery must be able to do more than send letters and call those who owe you a debt.

First Party Collections

When a medical recovery agency handles first party collections, they are in charge of speaking to your customers on behalf of your company. These are the types of debts that have the highest chance of being collected quickly, and it is important for collection agencies to have an excellent understanding of how to speak to other people.

Third Party Collections

By the time medical debt has reached third party collections, the debt is very far past due. Traditional techniques for collection have not worked at this stage, and you need a medical recovery collection agency that specializes in recovering hard to handle debts.

Billing Services

A medical recovery service must also understand the ways that billing solutions can improve medical debt accuracy. By increasing accuracy, your medical debt collections have a much higher chance of being paid and a much lower rate of being rejected.


Medical debt has changed significantly in the past decade alone, due to the types of services offered. But the technology used to record, collect and resolve medical debt has significantly changed too. When using medical collection services, you need to utilize a company that understands the importance of security and flexibility in technology when it comes to making your company’s analytics more accessible to you.

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