How Technology Increases Medical Payment Data Collections

Medical collections are among the most sensitive in the collections business. Some debtors are being treated for severe medical conditions while trying to keep up with bills. Others are healthy, but can only pay over a long period. When hiring a medical payment data collection agency, it’s important that the service balances improved collections with the complexity of debtors’ cases. Following are some ways agencies are using technology to conduct persistent collections campaigns while keeping debtors’ situations in mind.


Today’s email tools are much more powerful than their predecessors. Aside from writing personalized emails, agencies can add forms, links, and other features to make responses simple, easy, and trackable. Whether agencies are trying to get a small payment or the last installment, email offers a flexible way to address the individual needs of each account.

Account Dashboards

Dashboards provide debtors and agencies a deep look into the status of accounts. This encourages debtors to set up reasonable payment plans, and they can see progress instantaneously. Dashboards offer customer engagement that turns into results.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

With expanding communication preferences and tools, technology-enabled collections activities provide customized messages to debtors — where they spend the most time. Email, texts, notifications, and phone calls provide every medical payment data collection agency several options to conduct a multi-pronged campaign.

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